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Sales Manuals

Online Destination Sales Manual is a website with professional content aimed to promote a destination. It is used by travel agents as an information sourse about the product and as a work tool during the whole season. Destination website is worked out individually and contains structured information needed for successful sales.

How does it work?

«It is a big luck to have such a reliable partner as Profi.Trvel team and it is great to have the same views and look at one direction. Work on the project is not just an order processing but a detailed analysis of the common target. All members of the Profi.Travel team are highly professional, competent and very dynamic. As a result shared projects not only provide expected result but bring favor in the process of work. Deep market knowledge and its development preview together with high technologies used by the company help to create high level know-how projects»

Nikitas von Rutten, Project Leader Austrian National Tourist Office:

Abu Dhabi

Customer: Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
Period: January 2014 — August 2015
4 500 unique visitors
28 000 views
12 600 visitors
— Average time on site: 2 minutes.


Customer: Switzerland Tourism Board

Period: June 2014 — August 2015
4 000 unique visitors
44 000 views
12 400 visitors
— Average time on site — 2 minutes.